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How Does Shreya Home Tutorials Work?

To use our online self-selection service simply follow four easy steps:

Whether you're an adult learner or a parent searching on behalf of your child, you want to find that right private tutor; the one that can really help you or your child get to grips with a subject and master difficult concepts, and who enters every week's lesson dedicated to help you learn.
When considering your prospective tutor's approach to teaching, you have to take into account both your learning aims and what style of teaching works best for you. For example, a tutor with experience teaching in a Primary School may be better suited to younger kids, while a tutor with an academic background may be just what's needed if you are looking to master advanced concepts or analyse works of literature. You will notice as you look through tutors' profiles that some have experience with a diverse range of clients and others cater to specific situations.
We provide the option to browse by specialist requirements. For example, if you or your child's first language isn't English, you can search specifically for tutors who speak your native language (e.g. Mandarin / Urdu). Or if you are unable to travel, we list those tutors willing to travel to you first.
If you are choosing a tutor for a child, we would recommend the following:

Primary - 1 hour sessions maximum; 30 - 45mins is often preferred. To make such tuition worth your tutor's while you may wish to consider tutoring for more than one child, so the tutor can teach two children for half an hour each.

Secondary/GCSE - 1 hour is fine; 1 hour 30 if your child has the stamina.

When you contact a tutor, be sure to state your desired course duration. So, if you're looking for a long-term arrangement with a tutor be sure to clarify that they'll be available for the duration; likewise, if you need a tutor to help intensively before a trip abroad, please do discuss your availability requirements before reaching a lesson agreement. When you contact tutors we provide a form for you to state how many lessons you think you'll need.


We encourage adult tutees and parents to give feedback on their tutor so other users can benefit from recommendations.

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